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Fillers (EFM)



Smoothing to perfection

With Esthélis, obtain a unique surface solution and smooth to perfection.

Offer yourself the possibility of treating wrinkles in the most efficient way ever.

  • Treatment of all wrinkles, even the finest and most superficial ones

  • Enhancement of lip volume and borders

  • Correction of accidentally occurring and surgical scars


Injection level

Mid to the most superficial dermis

Main Characteristics of the products

Esthélis is the only highly cross-linked gel that can be injected in the most
superficial layer of the dermis for even more natural, effective and long
lasting results, while injecting less of the product.




Filling to perfection

With Fortélis, treat in-depth the question of folds and the face's contours.

Show what your talent is capable of by correcting folds and reliefs.

  • Treatment of deep wrinkles and folds

  • Working on the face's contours, reliefs and facial depressions

  • Enhancement of lip volume

Injection level

Deep dermis

Main Characteristics of the products

Thanks to its perfectly adaptated elasticity, Fortélis Extra offers remarkable filling possibilities, an Extra-ordinary volume-enhancing effect and "real-lasting" results.


Modeling to perfection

With Modélis restore facial volumes.

  • Restoration of facial volumes (cheekbones, cheeks, temples, jaw, chin, nose)

  • For facial fat loss (lipoatrophy)


Injection level

Deep dermis, subcutaneously

Main Characteristics of the products

Modélis possesses unique plasticity characteristics to shape the traits as desired. Modélis has been developed with the dual objective of offering an extraordinary reshaping capacity as well as retaining a comfortable injection force.