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Tattoo Removal Edmonton. The fastest laser tattoo removal technology!

PicoSure® is the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser. This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second.


The Cynosure Picosure Laser Pulses 1,000 times faster than a nano second. This laser technology enables us to provide a better and faster result with tattoo removal and pigmentation reduction. This amazing laser creates less damage and scar tissue build up during tattoo removal treatments then your original Q-Switch style laser. Tattoos respond better and faster with Picosure treatments than with Q-Switch lasers, as when there is less scar tissue to treat through, the laser is more effective at targeting the molecule of ink in the tattoo itself.  Book a free consultation with our Edmonton tattoo removal team. We’ll discuss how the treatment works and what length of time and costs can be expected to refresh your skin.

Picosure can effectively treat all colors of ink, and we can even remove parts of tattoos that may need to be fixed or redone. This is a great solution for anyone wanting to have a cover up done on an existing tattoo that is maybe too dark to be properly covered. You can see a lightening of ink in as little as 3-5 treatments, and full removal in 6-12 treatments.

Please note; Due to the variety of ink compositions and tattoo styles and ages, Full removal could take more than 12 treatments in some cases.

Please book a free consultation with one of our Certified laser technicians to discuss your Picosure tattoo removal options!

“I went into Urban Lasers & Aesthetics for tattoo removal. The laser tattoo removal treatment I received was excellent. I have had a prior treatment somewhere else and I had concerns which were addressed professionally and I am extremely happy with the results. Thanks!”

– Melissa

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Laser Tattoo Removal Edmonton Picosure Treatments After 6 Sessions
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Post Treatment Tattoo Removal WIth Laser. Picosure Edmonton Laser Clinic.

Tattoo Removal: Picosecond vs. nanosecond technology

Traditional nanosecond lasers predominately rely on photothermal action, delivering heat to the pigment and surrounding tissue for tattoo removal. PicoSure takes advantage of PressureWave Technology to shatter the target tattoo ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body. Book a free consultation for tattoo removal.

Ultra-short Pulse Duration Is the Difference

A Picosecond measures at 1,000 times faster than a nanosecond. The faster the pulse, the smaller we can break down the molecule of tattoo ink. This ensures faster tattoo removal times with less treatments needed than the traditional Q-Switch laser!  Contact Us for More Info.

Laser Tattoo Removal. Frequently Asked Questions.

What is PicoSure?

PicoSure is the latest advancement in laser technology for safe and effective tattoo removal. Remove tattoos faster with greater efficacy than ever before with the first and only picosecond laser!

How does laser tattoo removal work?

During the PicoSure treatment, laser energy is delivered into the tattoo, targeting the ink and shattering it into tiny particles. The particles are eliminated by the body naturally through the lymphatic system, resulting in a lightening of the tattoo ink.

What type of tattoos can be removed with PicoSure?

PicoSure can be used to remove a variety of tattoo colors and types. Difficult ink colors, such as blue and green, and previously treated tattoos can effectively be removed with PicoSure.

How many treatments will tattoo removal require?

With PicoSure, you will see greater results in fewer treatments. During the free consultation, a practitioner will evaluate your tattoo and recommend a realistic treatment regime to help you achieve the best results.

How often will I need treatments?

Treatment is recommended no sooner than 6 weeks between sessions, however there are scientific studies that show waiting 8-10 weeks will drastically improves the body’s ability to naturally breakdown and remove pigment between sessions.

Will I see results after the first treatment?

Every patient and tattoo responds differently. Some patients see improved clearance after the first treatment, while others may take a few treatments to see results. Following the recommended post treatment protocol will likely improve the results and reduce the chance of adverse events.

What are the limitations after treatment?

We recommend that patients limit their physical activity for the first 24-48 hours to avoid irritation or harm to the treated area. After that, patients can go about their days normally, however sun exposure should be limited until the treatment area is completely healed.

Can I have only a portion of my tattoo removed?

Yes, PicoSure delivers energy so precisely that even the smallest areas of a tattoo can be removed without affecting the surrounding tattoo.

I have permanent make-up. Can you remove it?

We do not recommend treating permanent make-up as there are several risks associated with it. Some cosmetic inks have metallic bases and tend to turn black when treated with the laser. Once this darkening occurs, it takes much longer to remove.

Will I experience any complications from tattoo removal with PicoSure?

There have been no adverse events reported from PicoSure treatments. It is important to take care of your tattoo and be compliant with aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner to avoid any unexpected issues.

How much does it cost to have PicoSure tattoo removal?

The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on several factors, including the size of tattoo and the number of treatments it will require. After your consultation, the practitioner will provide you a price estimate for the treatment series.

Can I lighten the tattoo to have another one put on top?

Tattoos can be lightened in preparation for a cover-up tattoo. We recommend that you wait six weeks between your last treatment and when you have the new tattoo completed.

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Clients have described this procedure to be slightly more uncomfortable than getting the initial tattoo, however it is a very fast service. We do offer the option of numbing cream to be applied 30 minutes prior to treatment if requested.

Will I blister and scab afterwards?

Although blisters and scabs can be a normal response to tattoo removal, most patients will not experience them. In the case that you do, it is important to not pop or pick at them. If the blister pops on its own, keep the skin over it covered with a healing ointment and gauze to promote healing and prevent scarring.

Does insurance cover tattoo removal treatments?

Most insurance companies will not cover laser tattoo removal since it is considered an elective cosmetic procedure. For your convenience, we have payment plans and installment options that we would be happy to speak with you about during the consultation.

I got my tattoo one week ago. Can I have it removed right now?

We understand that sometimes our tattoo’s don’t turn out the way we had hoped, however the body’s healing process needs time to recover before inflicting more injury. We require a minimum of 10 weeks post initial tattoo service before considering a laser treatment for removal. In that time we can certainly meet for consultation to assess and discuss a treatment plan for once the piece is healed.